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NSW Government

NSW Seniors Card app

The NSW Government’s Seniors Card app makes it even easier to find businesses offering discounts so Seniors Card members can save even more money. Quixxi Analytics was implemented from the …


Nestle – pilot apps

Saving money and time by predicting the potential success of a mobile app before committing to full investment


360 Degree

Freeing up developers to focus on developing great applications.

App Security Alert

App Security Alert : Protecting User Privacy!

🔒 App Security Alert : Protecting User Privacy! 🔒 Recent reports by Pradeo, a leading cybersecurity company, have uncovered the presence of two spyware apps on Google Play, with a shocking 15 …

Mobile App Security

Ticking Mobile App Security Off The Risk List

The risk environment for businesses is forever changing. Just when you thought you have dealt with the latest major business risk; another issue seems to come blaring around the corner. The past 18 …

Protecting your software in the App store duopoly

Protecting your software in the App store duopoly

There’s a certain degree of trust we place on Apple and Google. Whenever users download an app from one of those stores, it comes with the expectation that there will be a certain quality level …

App Security

Are you ready for digital Identity?

A friend was recently burgled and had a bunch of documents stolen by the thieves who were as interested in identity theft as selling an old tablet and gaming console at the local pub. One of the …

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