NSW Government selects Quixxi Security to Protect GovConnect App

NSW Government selects Quixxi Security to Protect GovConnect App

Sydney, 20 February 2019. Lakeba Group, an Australian technology innovation firm today announced its award-winning Quixxi Mobile application Security solution has been selected by the NSW Government to identify and eliminate coding vulnerabilities across the GovConnect Mobile application.

The opportunity for Quixxi Security was the result of Pitch to Pilot, an innovate program designed by the NSW Government where industry is given the opportunity to expose and pitch the latest technology solutions relevant to the needs of the NSW Government. Through the program, Lakeba’s CEO of Quixxi Security Peter Hewett had the opportunity to pitch to a number of CIOs across eight NSW Government departments.

Selected from multiple other solutions, Quixxi Security attracted the interest of the DFSI team due to Quixxi Security’s easy to use SaaS platform with drag and drop capability, which facilitates and accelerates the implementation process for mobile applications on IOs and Android. The GovConnect app provides NSW Government employees with a self-service interface to government resources, and their payroll information.

“We applaud the NSW Government for engaging with technology innovators such as ourselves in a forum that allows for a fair playing field to engage with government and pitch our services. This provided us with opportunity to meet with multiple senior stakeholders and explain the merits of our app security solution, “ said Giuseppe Porcelli, CEO of Lakeba Group, under which Quixxi Security is one of the business units.

“Following procurement finalisation, Quixxi Security has now been implemented for the GovConnect App and the early feedback is positive across the department,” noted Gavin Brown, Director Systems and Architecture. “We are delighted with the calibre of the many Australian technology innovators that came through our Pitch to Pilot program. The program allows Government a swift, and well informed perspective of the excellent levels of Australian innovation which offer the potential to benefit our departmental needs and processes”.

“More than 50% of the global Internet traffic comes from mobile devices and this is fast becoming the preferred method for accessing products and services. For this reason, mobile platforms are increasingly the way Governments need to interact with their constituents and employees. As a result, cyber criminals are moving their focus to mobile devices and mobile applications. Mobile apps need to be protected in the same way we protect desktops and laptops” said Peter Hewett, CEO for Quixxi Security.

Quixxi Scan allows mobile applications developers to immediately identify any new vulnerabilities that may have been introduced when new features were added to the applications, allowing the developers to modify their code and remove any new vulnerabilities in a timely manner. Once coding is completed, the entire applications is hardened against reverse engineering using Quixxi Shield, effectively wrapping the applications in a layer of encryption and obfuscation, making the Mobile app near impossible for cyber criminals to effectively reverse engineer.

“We are excited to see the Quixxi Security solution implemented into a government mobile application. This is strong validation of the innovation and robustness of our mobile app security solutions. Following this initial implementation, we are now engaging with multiple other departments to apply the benefits of the Quixxi Security solution across NSW government Mobile Apps,” said Peter Hewett.

About Quixxi Security

Quixxi Security is a product of the Lakeba Group, developed to help Mobile application developers secure their mobile apps against attack. Quixxi Security protects Mobile Applications on IOS and Android by providing Automated Vulnerability Assessment with Quixxi Scan, Protecting Mobile applications against attack with Quixxi Shield and Managing your deployed applications once deployed to your customers using Quixxi Supervise. For more information go to www.quixxi.com

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