Quixxi DAST

(Dynamic application security testing)

A cutting-edge security solution designed to assess and analyse the security posture of mobile and web applications.

Identify vulnerabilities

Quixxi DAST employs advanced scanning techniques to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential threats within the application’s code and infrastructure. Quixxi DAST offers comprehensive dynamic analysis, simulating real-world attack scenarios to identify security gaps and provide actionable insights for remediation. With its user-friendly interface and powerful testing capabilities, Quixxi DAST helps organizations ensure the security and integrity of their applications, protecting sensitive data and reducing the risk of security breaches.

Why DAST Scan?

Quixxi DAST Mobile App Assessment is a comprehensive solution that helps you identify and fix security vulnerabilities in your mobile apps. The solution uses a variety of static and dynamic analysis techniques to scan your apps for vulnerabilities, including code analysis, SSL Pinning validation, Root detection validation, sensitive data analysis on internal storage, sensitive information analysis on external storage, Endpoint identity validation, encryption analysis, copy & Paste prevention analysis and screenshot prevention analysis.

Quixxi DAST Mobile App Assessment is easy to use and can be integrated into your existing development process. The solution also provides detailed reports that help you understand the security of your apps and prioritize remediation plan. Quixxi DAST helps protect sensitive user data, mitigate the risk of security breaches, and ensure a secure and trustworthy mobile app experience.

Compliance Simplified

Quixxi is designed to align with global app security compliance standards to ensure that organizations meet the necessary requirements and protect user data.

  • Helping organizations adhere to GDPR guidelines
  • Addresses the OWASP Mobile Top 10 security risks
  • Assists organizations in meeting PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Incorporates security controls and practices recommended by NIST
  • Common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE)

Quixxi adherence to these global app security compliance standards demonstrates its commitment to providing a secure and compliant solution. By leveraging its features and capabilities, organizations can enhance their app security posture, protect user data, and meet the regulatory requirements imposed by these standards.


Scan your app now!

  • Assess User Sensitive Data leakage & App permissions
  • Compliance scoring based on OWASP Standard, PCI DSS, NIST and many other
  • Compliance analysis to industry standards and regulations
  • Scoring Application quality to known security threats

Empowering Top Corporations and Government Entities in App Security

Quixxi has everything we needed in terms of app security. We liked how they had scan shield and app monitoring in the same dashboard. Their solution is easy to use and extremely effective.

Leading Cyber Security
Partner in EU

We chose Quixxi because their solution included every important feature on our requirement checklist. On top of that, we were extremely satisfied by their customer service

Prominent Middle East
Government Unit

We are really impressed with Quixxi’s app security approach that protects the critical aspects of the app without intruding in the functionality of the app. The whole experience was code free which was very simple to use and extremely effective.

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