Quixxi Supervise

(Intelligent Threat Defence)

Quixxi Supervise completes the shield self defence algorithm with complete real-time threat intelligence. It provides real-time threat monitoring and reporting through the dashboard, encompassing live threat logs, flagged device users, and malware detection. Quixxi Supervise enables customizable alerts and reporting, ensuring the clients stay informed about the latest threats and take prompt action. This not only aids in compliance with global security regulations but also upholds the trust and confidence of customers.

Threat Intelligence

After the app is released in the market, it is essential to monitor suspicious user behaviors, detect malware attacks, and identify external interference.

Quixxi Supervise offers a range of features, including remote disable, remote messaging, security logs, and customer analytics, all accessible through a single, user-friendly dashboard. This allows our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of how their applications are being used and identify potential security risks before they escalate.

The Quixxi Advantage

Safeguard your revenue by preventing IP theft and business logic exposure, preserving your competitive advantage.

Code-less and fully automated integration that saves developer time while scanning and protecting apps within minutes.

Adhere to global app security standards for ensuring regulatory compliance and safeguarding user data.

Unified Intelligent Dashboard: Conduct vulnerability assessments, application shielding, and continuous runtime threat monitoring for the business.

Tailor Your Security: Easily configure all security settings directly from the portal using toggle options, accommodating the specific requirements of your business.

Intelligent Threat Defence: Identify the threats in real-time and minimise the delay between detection and counter measures

App Monitoring

Quixxi Supervise service is a powerful tool for continuous threat monitoring and application management, making it a strong contender in the app security industry. It provides real-time visibility into application activity, enabling our clients to quickly detect and respond to security incidents.

Our advanced monitoring capabilities, combined with our proprietary machine learning algorithms, enable Supervise to automatically detect anomalous behavior and flag potential security threats. This allows our clients to take proactive measures to protect their applications and data, such as applying patches or implementing additional security controls.


Monitor your app now!

  • Intelligent Threat Defence
  • Track and manage Hack attempts and App Debugging by Hackers
  • View App Diagnostics
  • Track and manage app use in Rooted / Jailbroken devices
  • Track Device Malware Health & Stats

Empowering Top Corporations and Government Entities in App Security

Quixxi has everything we needed in terms of app security. We liked how they had scan shield and app monitoring in the same dashboard. Their solution is easy to use and extremely effective.

Leading Cyber Security
Partner in EU

We chose Quixxi because their solution included every important feature on our requirement checklist. On top of that, we were extremely satisfied by their customer service

Prominent Middle East
Government Unit

We are really impressed with Quixxi’s app security approach that protects the critical aspects of the app without intruding in the functionality of the app. The whole experience was code free which was very simple to use and extremely effective.

Fortune 100
Finance Institution