Quixxi Security awarded ‘Best Enterprise Product or Service’ at IAMAI 9th India Digital Awards

Quixxi App Security

India, January 23, 2019. Quixxi, the leading end-to-end mobile app solution for security and analytics has been awarded “Best enterprise product or service” in the prestigious IAMAI’s 9th India Digital Awards.

The winners were announced on 21st January 2019 at the flagship annual event of IAMAI – India Digital Summit, one of the largest annual gatherings of the Digital community in the country.

This is the second consecutive year Quixxi Security has won an award at IAMAI for its innovative, relevant cybersecurity products and services across all digital platforms.

Last year Quixxi Security was the proud recipient of the “Best Mobile Cyber Security Product of the Year” at the IAMAI’s 8th India Digital Awards, and this year’s award brings a second IAMAI award for Quixxi Security.

Quixxi Security is a security platform for mobile app developers providing the necessary tools needed to scan mobile apps for vulnerabilities, shield the apps against hacking attacks and supervise the situation aftermarket release.

Celebrating the proud moment, Giuseppe Porcelli, Lakeba CEO and Quixxi founder said: “We are delighted to have won this prestigious IAMAI Digital Awards, as we did last year. The award recognises our commitment to always improve the relevance of our applications. This is further validation of the work our global team has contributed in meeting the needs of our customers.”

CTO and Co-founder Aatral Arasu said, “We are honoured to be receiving the award again this year. Special thanks to our broader Quixxi team for sustaining the impact and quality of our Quixxi Security offer. This is both a humbling recognition and strong motivation for us to keep focused on the continued evolution of our solution.”

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