A prominent financial institution approached Quixxi to enhance the security of their mobile banking applications. They sought comprehensive app security measures to safeguard customer data, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance with stringent industry regulations. Quixxi provided a customized solution that included thorough vulnerability scanning, robust authentication mechanisms, and real-time threat monitoring.

By leveraging Quixxi’s vulnerability scanning, the financial institution identified and resolved potential security weaknesses, protecting their customers’ sensitive information. The implementation of strong authentication mechanisms, such as multi-factor authentication, enhanced the security of customer transactions and prevented unauthorized access to accounts.

Quixxi’s real-time threat monitoring proved invaluable in detecting and responding to emerging threats promptly. The financial institution was able to thwart attempted attacks, ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of their mobile banking applications. The comprehensive app security measures implemented by Quixxi enabled the financial institution to provide a seamless and secure banking experience, earning the trust and confidence of their customers.

Fortune 100 companies and large enterprises face unique challenges in securing their extensive app ecosystems and protecting sensitive business data. Quixxi offers tailored app security solutions designed to address these specific needs. Our comprehensive vulnerability scanning, and real-time threat monitoring provide the necessary protection for these organizations to ensure business continuity and maintain a strong security posture.

Partner with Quixxi to strengthen your app security and safeguard your organization’s critical applications and data. Contact us today to discuss how our industry-leading app security solutions can empower your Fortune 100 company or large enterprise to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected digital landscape.


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Quixxi has everything we needed in terms of app security. We liked how they had scan shield and app monitoring in the same dashboard. Their solution is easy to use and extremely effective.

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We chose Quixxi because their solution included every important feature on our requirement checklist. On top of that, we were extremely satisfied by their customer service

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We are really impressed with Quixxi’s app security approach that protects the critical aspects of the app without intruding in the functionality of the app. The whole experience was code free which was very simple to use and extremely effective.

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