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App Security Alert : Protecting User Privacy!

🔒 App Security Alert : Protecting User Privacy! 🔒

Recent reports by Pradeo, a leading cybersecurity company, have uncovered the presence of two spyware apps on Google Play, with a shocking 15 million users unknowingly falling victim to data breaches. These apps were found to be secretly sending sensitive user data to unauthorised servers, raising serious concerns about privacy and security.

At Quixxi, we are committed to app security and protecting user privacy. With our comprehensive app security solutions, we empower organisations to proactively safeguard their applications and users’ sensitive data. Don’t let your users become victims of data breaches—partner with Quixxi to ensure the highest level of app security and maintain user trust. #AppSecurity #UserPrivacy #DataProtection

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Quixxi has everything we needed in terms of app security. We liked how they had scan shield and app monitoring in the same dashboard. Their solution is easy to use and extremely effective.

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We chose Quixxi because their solution included every important feature on our requirement checklist. On top of that, we were extremely satisfied by their customer service

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We are really impressed with Quixxi’s app security approach that protects the critical aspects of the app without intruding in the functionality of the app. The whole experience was code free which was very simple to use and extremely effective.

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