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Protect & Monitor Any Mobile App in Minutes

Go to Market Faster

Reduce the length of DevSecOps sprint cycles and deploy apps to market much faster.

Protect IP & Personal Data

Keep your secret sauce just that. A secret. Don’t give bad actors access to your IP or confidential customer data.

Boost Team Productivity

Spend less time securing apps. Allowing your team to focus on developing new functionality.

Prevent Revenue Leakage

App piracy and circumventing of in-app purchase logic could be costing your business $$$.

Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

Many attacks are carried out by trying to exploit vulnerabilities at runtime. Even when it doesn’t come to piracy you may need to stop users from violating rules. Quixxi can remotely terminate the app instance whenever the right conditions for its execution are not met. Quixxi’s runtime protection features include Certificate Pinning, Root or Jailbreak Detection, Emulator Detection, Attached Debugger Detection, Malware Detection, and Runtime Resources Encryption.

Reverse Engineering Protection

Quixxi secures your mobile applications by making it hard for hackers to reverse engineer the source code. Depending on the platform, Quixxi leverages a variety of innovative and technologically advanced techniques which include, but are not limited to Encrypted Strings; Method Call Hiding; Dynamically Derived Encryption Keys; Randomization; Spoofing Techniques; Library Protection; Debug Log Removal; and Static Resources Encryption.

Tailored Security

Security is a concept that implies different choices and shades based on individual mobile apps. For this reason, we built Quixxi to provide a full customization of mobile security and have you covered irrespective of the business you’re in.

All the security settings are configurable directly from the portal via checkboxes, without any coding involved. Finally, the Quixxi dashboard will allow you to remotely monitor what’s going on and take appropriate actions when required.

Tampering Detection

Quixxi makes use of an advanced technology to detect the genuineness of the app run by the final user. Our security engine ensures that both you and the honest users will not be easily exploited. Quixxi incorporates Threats Detection; App Integrity Check; In-App Purchase Protection; Debug Log Removal; and Static Resources Encryption.

Malware Detection

Quixxi can quickly detect upon app launch, if the phone the app is running on has malware installed and make it inaccessible. Avoiding consequences that can cause harm to your end customers or irreparable brand and reputation damage to your business.

You can view instances of the app where malware has been detected within the Quixxi Dashboard.

Code Obfuscation

Code obfuscation provides an additional layer of protection to your app. Deliberately obscuring your source code to make it incredibly difficult for humans to understand, rendering it useless to hackers and other bad actors. Preventing them from analyzing your code, extracting any proprietary business logic or in any way tampering with your application. While your code is completely altered, it still functions as you had originally designed it to. Quixxi uses obfuscation as one of the tools in its arsenal to keep your apps safe.