Quixxi is a suite of software tools to protect, track and enhance mobile apps. We created Quixxi to solve the problems mobile apps face when they are published. Proven to prevent piracy, recover lost revenue and control distribution.


Mobile Analytics Done Right

Quixxi Analytics is an easy and flexible capture and reporting solution. Track app activations and usage and even define your own events that are meaningful to your app. Report in aggregate trends or drill-down to activity of the individual app level.


Track individual app installs and activity.

Crash Reporting

Get detailed stack-traces of crashes on different devices.

Custom Events

Define your own events to track.

Reports Dashboard

View and report on your app’s activity data.

Easy to Get Started

Configure and run a sample app on your device and download working sample code.

Proven Mobile App Security

Quixxi Security Protect your entire App (apk) or just a sensitive Library (jar) with our multi-layered encryption engine that prevents your app from being reverse-engineered and tampered with.



Our multi-layered encryption engine has been proven to protect against decompilation hacking.

Cloud Service

Just upload your app or library to our cloud service and we will wrap it up in a secure layer for you to download and use.

Recover Revenue Loss

Quixxi Licensing Protect the distribution of your Apps published on the Google Play store. Track and block attempts to install illegal copies of your app on new devices. You can even alert the user and provide a link to download the App legitimately.


We identify illegal users of your app and send alerts to download through approved sources and block them if they don’t accept.


We check if users are genuine by tracking them and monitoring app usage. This prevents any unauthorised use of your app.